These chocolate chip cookies are simplicity at its best. Bakery quality they are a breeze to make from scratch at home with just a handful of of basic, simple ingredients that everyone has in their fridge and pantry. This recipe is foolproof and cookies come out perfect every single time.

The center of the cookie is filled to the brim with melty, divine chocolate. Soft, melt in your mouth in the middle and chewy around the edges, the cookies are best when still warm and freshly baked straight out of the oven. Taste heavenly when dunked in a cold glass of organic milk. The ultimate comfort food, a warm hug in a form of a delicious cookie.

The best part is that you do not need to wait on the batter to set or to chill it in the fridge for a couple of hours before baking. The dough is made in one bowl, and then the cookies are shaped and baked right away.

So if you have the sudden urge to have a fresh, homemade cookie you can easily whip up them in less than half an hour to satisfy your cravings. And there is minimal amount of dishes to clean as a nice bonus.

Those cookies are a huge hit with kids and adults. I bring them to my daughter’s school event all the time and everyone is always raving about them. They are great to quickly put together when you have an unexpected company or a last minute party to go to. Delicious, cozy cookies like these chocolate chip cookies never disappoint.