I love the fact that Graham Crackers simply exist. They are such a universal dessert base. The variety of recipes they can be used in is amazing, from s’mores to countless no-bake recipes.

This Graham Cracker pie is a dessert you can make even if your fridge looks bare and all you have at home is some absolute necessities, like milk, eggs and a few things in your pantry you simply seldom run out of.

Sometimes simple taste is the best taste, and this applies perfectly to the Graham Cracker pie. You have a simple crust made of crushed Graham crackers and butter and a lovely, smooth vanilla milk custard.

I usually use whole milk for the custard filling, but to achieve a creamier, more buttery taste you can use half and half or even cream.

You can use vanilla extract for the filling, but if you’re filling a bit fancy, vanilla bean is your choose. Cut it up along the length and with a spoon scoop out the insides into the milk or cream and mix well. Then put the remaining bean inside the mix while you’re cooking it and keep stirring. The bean will give out its flavor. Remove it right before you’re done with the custard.

For decoration, I like to sprinkle the top with brown sugar and apply a kitchen gas burner to it so that it’s caramelized.

I hope you like this recipe as much as I do!