To me, pecan pie is a taste of childhood. No, it’s not one of my family’s regular recipes. We used to have this little bakery place in our town, run by a lady who knew all about southern cuisine and she made some of the most amazing pecan pies I’ve eaten.

When I grew up and knew that I will love cooking and baking for life, I begged the store owner to share the recipe with me and she kindly did. This pecan pie is a perfect combo of salted caramel, crispy slightly salted crust and baked pecans.

It’s full of flavor and it’s not so hard to make. I honor my friend the shop keeper’s recipe and usually make the crust from scratch, but if I’m running out of time, I feel perfectly okay to use store bought pie crust, though, I usually look at the ingredients in the crust and make sure it’s not overly sweet.

I put plenty of salt into the crust and the filling, because the salty-sweet caramel taste is what makes this pie so delicious. I also use salted butter for the filling, but if you only have the unsalted variety, that’s perfectly okay, just add another pinch of salt to the filling mixture when you’re making it.

The trick here is that much depends on your oven when it comes to how the filling sets. So when you’re baking it – keep in mind that the timing I put here are relative. If you got your pie out and you see that the filling is still shakey – cover it with foil so it doesn’t burn on top and bake for some more till it’s fully set.

Other than that – follow the instructions below and I hope you’ll love making it and eating it.