If you like pineapples, this is a perfect pie for you. This fresh pineapple pie recipe is easy to make from scratch and can be cooked all year round with canned pineapples and off the shelf pie crust. Alternatively, you can use fresh pineapples and make your own crust.

I love making this fresh pineapple pie when I have a craving for a tropical-flavored dessert. It’s juicy and sweet, the filling is gooey and pineapples give a bit of room for decoration.

I often decorate this pie as if it were a cake, placing a few rounds on top of the crust or making a crust in shape of a criss-crossed weave.

Depending on how juicy you want the filling to be, you can add cornstarch and juice from the canned pineapples, so that the pineapple pieces swim in gooey sweet sauce.

Make sure you pinch the crust very well so that the boiling filling doesn’t leak. Don’t forget to poke your upper crust with a fork for the steam to come out, otherwise it may crack the crust.

I usually serve this pineapple pie when it’s still hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream. The contrast of the cold and hot adds a lot to the original flavors.
Just follow the simple instructions on how to make pineapple pie with filling below and good luck with making this wonderful pie.