The ultimate flavor combination or sweet and savory is the foundation of these potato chip cookies. They are addictive! Decadent chocolate chip cookies with an addition of crunchy, salty potato chips they are unbelievably delicious. Huge hit with kids and adults alike. Make sure to make an extra batch because those cookies get devoured with lightning speed every time I make them. Nothing better on a gloomy rainy day than a warm, straight out of the oven potato chip cookie. It is like a big comforting hug in a form of a cookie.

There is a couple of trick how to bake the most perfect potato chip cookie. Cream all of the chocolate chip cookie ingredients together and add potato chips. Break them in pieces but do not crush, you really want to taste the savory bites inside the cookie. Also if you are looking for a thick, fluffy, pillow like cookies, not pancake flat cookies, do not melt the butter and refrigerate the batter for about 1-2 hours before baking the cookies. Also make the tall round balls out of the dough without squashing them and bake for the thickest cookies ever.

Potato chips really take your average chocolate chip cookies to the next level, landing them a wonderful contrasting salty undertone and an amazing texture. Once you make them you will never go back to an old boring chocolate chip cookie ever again. This recipe is so easy and quick and absolutely foolproof. Suitable even for the beginner bakers.