Whoever created Nutella was a genius and needs to be added to the greatest spread ever hall of fame. I mean Nutella is the best! Nothing can beat the decadent combination of chocolate and hazelnuts. And now imagine it in a form of a warm, soft, chewy cookie with a soft center and crispy hazelnut crust on the outside? Are you drooling yet? Nutella cookie recipe is quite simple.

This recipe is for the Nutella cookies and it is a show-stopper. All the traditional, basic ingredients to make a cookie like butter, flour, eggs with an addition of creamy, sweet Nutella formed into balls, rolled in crushed hazelnuts and baked. I love the juxtaposition of soft and crunchy textures, and I just love everything hazelnut. It is hands down my favorite nut.  Easy nutella cookies are so creamy, flavorful and totally put me in a holiday mood.

Nutella cookies are luxuriously rich and addicting. One bite you cant stop eating them. I love the multidimensional flavor of both chocolate and hazelnut.

These cookies are dynamite. Perfect for a special occasion or holidays, or just to celebrate the end of the week. And gluten free nutella cookies are so easy and quick to make. You do need to cool the cookie dough in the fridge for at least four hours before baking them so they make great make-ahead option. Create the batter the day before and bake the next day when ready for the freshest, softest most aromatic cookies that everyone will be raving about.