Drinking tea and coffee is one of my guilty pleasures. I love making time for me time/tea time. What can be better than crispy, airy, light and aromatic cinnamon cookies paired with herbal rose tea. When I came across this recipe I instantly fell in love with the simple but bold flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg. They are a perfect compliment to a freshly brewed cup of afternoon tea or coffee.

I am a fan of all kinds of soft, moist, chewy, gooey cookies but these are different, they are crunchy and phenomenal for dunking in tea or a glass of milk. And they are so flavorful and exotic. You can adjust the amount of spices that suits your personal palette. I also recommend sprinkling the cookies with sugar before baking for the caramelized taste and crispy texture.

Cinnamon cookies are healthy as well! Yes, made with whole wheat flour, minimal sugar, and most of the flavors coming from fragrant spices.

Homemade cookies are the best, without any added preservatives and additives you can really control what goes in the dough. Cinnamon cookies can be enjoyed absolutely guilt free, with just a handful of wholesome ingredients they are hearty and nutritious.

Making a perfect snack, they are cozy and satisfying and will fill you up with a needed energy to go on with your day without a sugar rush that would inevitably lead to a sugar crush. Use fun cookie cutter shapes like animals or fish and surprise your little ones with these delightful nourishing cookies.