I can never pass on an awesome healthy cookie recipe. Leaving in Florida where bikini season is basically year round and being a lover of cookies, when I come across a delicious but also wholesome healthy oatmeal cookies recipe I have to make it and also share it with as many people as possible.

This easy healthy oatmeal cookies recipe is wonderful. With a couple of the healthy tweaks to a regular oatmeal cookie we are saving a lot of calories and there is less fat, less sugar and a ton of fiber. The first secret ingredient is applesauce. Which means we can use less butter, equals less fat, but the cookies still stay plenty moist and soft. It also fills the cookies with a subtle and delicate fresh apple flavor that pairs spectacular with oatmeal. The sugar is swapped for honey, that is knows for its anti-inflammatory properties. Plus as an added bonus a beautiful, transparent honey flavor really compliments the rest of the ingredients. I love to add walnuts or pecans to the cookies dough as well. They are full of healthy omega-3s and bring in an unexpected crunch to a soft, chewy cookie. The textural contrast is delightful. And there are chocolate chips, because everyone loves chocolate, right.

The stars of the show is of course the fiber rich oatmeal and sweet raisins. A timeless duo is the base canvas for the cookies.

There is a lot going on I should admit, but everything works together in a perfect harmony in this cookie. All the flavors and textures and proportions are balanced out and nothing is too much or overpowering. The cookies are super quick and easy to make and cookie dough is very freezer friendly.