This is a recipe for the paleo diet approved almond butter cookies. With just 5 simple ingredients these cookies are the perfect example of clean eating. They are rich in protein and healthy oils, and just slightly naturally sweetened. Vanilla extract really amps up the flavors of the cookies working in perfect harmony with nutty almond butter.

There is absolutely no sacrifices in the flavor department. Almond butter is potent and rich with a deep nut flavor, coconut sugar is perfectly but not overly sweet, eggs bind everything together and we completely omit any flour or flour substitute.

You can even make your own almond butter from scratch if you have time on your hands, but I am taking a shortcut and use a store-bough organic unsalted almond butter. The recipe is foolproof and the cookies come out perfect every single time. Bakery quality they are crispy around the edges and just slightly soft and melty on the inside. I love the dominant flavor of almonds in the cookie since there is no flour.

These cookies make a great refueling snack. Grab one for a quick pick me up when you need to lift the energy levels. The balance of protein and sugars is ideal so you would never have to worry about sugar crash. Kids love the cookies as well. They could never tell that they are actually eating something extremely healthy and wholesome. Make a batch and snack all week long guilt-free.