These Italian wedding cookies are fluffy, airy and simply delightful. Perfect for holiday baking. Made with ground almonds, butter and sugar, infused with vanilla extract and sprinkled with powdered sugar they are delicate and delicious. The texture is so soft, almost pillow like, these cookies are my favorite, you get maximum flavor with minimum effort. They are just divine with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, melting in your mouth. And quick and simple.

These cookies are so easy to make and so hard to keep your hands off once they are baked. The recipe is effortless and stress free. Even the beginner bakers can make the cookies without any problem. Just a handful of simple ingredients and a few simple steps and only 40 minutes from start to finish you have scrumptious, yummy cookies on your plate that are bursting with delicate almond flavors. The taste is very balanced and subtle with just a right amount of almond flavor.

Italian wedding cookies are buttery heaven, making for a perfect cookie gift box. I usually bake all kids of different cookies around the holidays and arrange them into beautiful gifts for the friends and family.

And Italian wedding cookies are always requested. If you are not a fig fan of almond you can substitute for ground cashews, hazelnuts or walnuts. You can also swap the vanilla extract for the almond extract for a more intense almond flavor.