Talking about simplicity and clean eating at its best. With only three ingredients, five minutes of your time, one mixer bowl and no baking whatsoever these cookies are a unicorn. Extra simple, slightly sweet, satisfying and delicious these no bake peanut butter cookies make a perfect protein, fiber and healthy oils rich snack.

They are wholesome and I am addicted to the convenience of making these cookies- in- a- flash. But do not let the ridiculously short list fool you, they are tasty and flavorful. The process of making the cookie is as simple as one two three. Mill oats to a fine powder texture then add dates and blend together, then the peanut butter gets thrown in and you have delicious, sweet and salty cookie dough. Form into balls and flatten with the fork. That is it, cannot get easier than that. They are tender and soft and perfectly naturally sweet from the dates.

To enhance the cookies and take them one step further you can make decadent chocolate glaze and dip half of the cookies in it. This step is optional but highly recommended.

The rich chocolate dip really takes the cookies to the next level of deliciousness. These minimalistic approach cookies are great alternative to store bough power bars and so much cheaper too. So next time you are thinking to spend 3$ on a power bar with 50 ingredients listed, some of them you can not even pronounce, make these super affordable, tasty treats instead.