Looking for festive and beautiful cookies for Christmas or Valentines day? Look no further, I have the recipe for you right here. Red velvet cookies are delicious, super easy to make and are gorgeous shade of pinky red. Simply too pretty to eat. But it doesn’t stop anybody and the cookies get devoured at a lightning speed.

And the cookies are so easy to make. Take a quick shortcut and just use a store-bought velvet cake mix together with oil, eggs and white chocolate chips.

That is it just four basic ingredients but the result is outstanding. The cookies are soft on the inside, fluffy and almost pillow like with melty, luxurious white chocolate chips. The combination is unbeatable.

The process of making the cookies is a piece of cake. You do not need to chill the cookie dough and it is as simple as just mixing all the ingredient together in one bowl. Less dishes make me very happy. The recipe is foolproof and the cookies come out perfect every single time. The balance of flavors is incredible and the white, melty ribbons of chocolate looks so beautiful on a red cookies. Cake mix cookies are life savers, they are easy and quick but also soft, delicious and always a huge hit. Great for bringing to the events or whipping up in minutes for unexpected company.