I love simple and quick recipes you can whip up and they’d turn out great even on a day you feel particularly ham-fisted. This is one of those cakes and I treasure this recipe.

An easy peach cobbler with cake mix is an unageing classic that is good on any day of the year and for any occasion. It give most of us a lovely feeling of homemade meals and families getting together, and I’m no exception here.

When I have family over, I always cook fresh peach cobbler with cake mix. It’ just such an awesome cake to get together over. And when I have family over, my house is bustling with kids, people looking for things, people needing things, people shouting things, I just never feel like cooking something complicated, so peach cobbler it always is.

I use a cake mix for this one, because it makes things much easier for me. I have kids prep the peaches. I have my mom do most of the prep work and this way everyone’s organized and things get going.

The result is unfailingly lovely – fresh, delicious-smelling peaches and moist, flavor-soaked cake with bubbling crust. I could eat it all day. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! And what’s your family’s favorite get-together recipes?