If you are at loss for the ideas what to possibly do with all the bounty of freshly-picked apples this fall I have just the recipe for you. The apple oatmeal cookies are everything you expect from a quality oatmeal cookie, chewy, rustic and hearty with extra soft texture and aromatic apple taste.

It is basically an old fashioned oatmeal cookie with chopped apple thrown in. They are soft and chewy and filled to the brim with apples. Perfect for fall when you can simply smell the fragrance of apples in the air. Apples keep the cookies extra soft while oatmeal gives them wonderful robust texture.

They are thick and extra comforting, like a warm hug in a form of a cookie. The apple taste is prominent but not overwhelming. Cinnamon and nutmeg add an aromatic earthy, sweet undertones that pair wonderfully with apples.

The cooking algorithm is the same of an oatmeal cookie. Make sure to use rolled or old fashioned oats for the best texture. I do not recommend using quick oats since they soak in too much moisture and are less thick. You do not wanna end up with dry cookies lacking rustic texture. And once you take a bite you can’t stop devouring them, they are so good. They make a delicious treat to make for any occasion with just a few simple, basic ingredients. You can also add nuts for a delicious crunch or any other fun ingredients that suit your personal palette.