There is nothing more comforting and cozy then a familiar childhood taste of a classic cookie. This recipe of quaker oatmeal peanut butter cookies is exactly that. Traditional Quaker oatmeal cookies are soft and chewy and filled to the edges with sweet raisins. They really bring back warm, reminiscent memories that everyone cherished. With a bounty of elaborate old and new quaker oatmeal cookie recipes around I still stick with this timeless oatmeal cookie recipe. It is perfected, absolutely foolproof and large flake oatmeal cookies come out phenomenal every single time. If you wanna know how to cook perfect quaker oats cookies, this recipe is for you.

Oatmeal takes center stage in the cookies so make sure to pick the right kind. Just like the name implies Quaker old fashioned or rolled oats are the best choice in all directions. Robust old fashioned oats that’s what gives the cookies it’s chewy, hearty texture and earthy, nutty taste.

I do not recommend using quick oats since they soak in too much moisture and are less thick. You do not wanna end up with dry cookies lacking rustic texture. Raisins are also an essential ingredient in this beloved classic. And the bigger the better in this case. If you can find those giant raisins they are the best. You get an explosion of flavors and textures with every single bite of the cookie. And once you take a bite you can’t stop devouring them, that is why they are also called vanishing cookies sometimes.

To make the cookies is a breeze. Just a handful of basic quaker oats cookies ingredients and a few simple steps. The cookies are so versatile, you can jazz them up with all kids of delicious ingredients like chocolate chips, nuts, toffee, cranberries or m&ms. Or just enjoy in their pure, basic form for a wonderful treat. And here is the answer on how to make quaker oatmeal cookies.