There are few vegan peanut butter cookie recipes. This delicious recipe for the vegan peanut butter cookies is absolutely foolproof. I have a lot of vegan friends and every time I come around a great cookies recipe I have to share with them and with as many people as possible. These cookies are so good, not overly sweet, crunchy and boosting with peanut butter flavors.

And super easy and quick to make with just a handful of basic ingredients. The star of the show of course being the peanut butter. Depending on the brand and consistency of it you might need or not to add a little bit of moisture to the batter in a form of soy milk. The cookie dough can be too dry and crumbly but just a splash of non-dairy milk should solve that problem. Just make sure to add the milk in small spoonfuls in order not to overdo it.

This vegan peanut butter cookie recipe is simple but there is no sacrifices in the flavor department at all. Which shows you that you can eat vegan and not feel like you are missing out with an array of the wonderful recipes around.

The easy vegan peanut butter cookies are crispy and comforting, really reminiscent of the childhood taste. And making them is a breeze. The bold nut butter flavor is powerful and delicious. They are always a huge hit with kids and adults.