Its is rainy outside and what is a better way to cheer up and perk up than with a freshly baked, tantalizing and fragrant orange cookies. A powerful burst of citrus aromas and summer flavors to up your sugar level and lift your mood!

These citrusy cookies are so easy to make and so hard to keep away from. They are like mouthfuls of tropical summer on your plate. I adore citrus flavors: orange, tangerine, lemon, lime and mandarin. I love them all. The fresh smell is so alluring I can not get enough of it. I make everything orange: muffins, jam, glaze. But these cookies are delightful. The dough is infused with potent orange zest for the best possible orange flavor. The taste is nicely balanced out nothing overwhelming and overly sweet, letting the citrus flavors shine through.

The texture is so fluffy and soft, with a nice caramelized outside from the sugar. The cookies are so airy they basically melt in your mouth. And the recipe is so simple. Basic sugar cookies that is enhanced with orange flavor. Simplicity at its best.

But if you really wanna take the cookies one step further, orange juice and zest infused icing is glorious topping the cookies. Bake the cookies and glaze them with this popsicle tasting icing for an out-of -this- world, double orange cookies and enjoy with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. I however like to keep things simple here and stick with just the cookie itself.