If you are a big apple everything enthusiast like me you will love this applesauce cookie recipe. It is especially suitable for the summer-fall season, when apples are so abundant, that you are at loss what to do with the bounty of fresh hand-picked apples you have gotten from your neighborhood farmers market.

These cookies are particularly delicious and healthy because we are using made from scratch applesauce as a liquid base and less sugar as well. The whole cookie is just filled to the brim with amazing fresh apple flavors thanks to the homemade applesauce.

You can take a shortcut, omit this step and use store-bought jarred apple sauce, but I hardly recommend putting an extra effort and making applesauce yourself for the best results. It will only take you 20 minutes to whoop out the flavorful sauce but it is worth every one of them.

Kids go crazy over the applesauce cookies, so make sure to make an extra batch if you have little ones because the cookies do not last long. They are just wonderful to enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee while you are gossiping with your girlfriend as well. Less fat, sugar and calories will make everyone a very happy camper and means you can enjoy a glass of wine as a bonus.

Apple sauce enhances the texture of the cookies making them soft, cake like fluffy. Apples best friend cinnamon adds taunting aroma and really compliments the apple taste. Serve the cookies with a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top for a truly irresistible treat.