These pinwheel cookies look like a beautiful piece of art and almost too pretty to eat. And making them at home is easy? you ask, nobody believes it. But yes they are super easy to make as long as you follow a simple algorithm of cooling and freezing the dough at the right times.

When you cut the pinwheel of chocolate and vanilla dough it just looks mesmerizing. Those cookies are simply gorgeous and delicious by the way as well. Vanilla and chocolate dough swirls around each other forming the most esthetically eye pleasing cookie.

Bring them to a party and they are guaranteed to stand out of the crowd of ordinary chocolate chip cookies. And what can possibly be better than a combination of vanilla and chocolate all in one cookie.

To make them is a piece of cake, simply mix a standard cookie dough in a mixer and split it in half. Add melted chocolate to one half and cool down in the fridge. We are going to be cooling down quite a lot here to achieve that perfect shape so be patient. The next step is to roll out the vanilla and chocolate dough separately, stack on top of each other, shape into a perfect rectangle and roll into a log. Refrigerate again and completely freeze before slicing.

This recipe is for chocolate and vanilla cookies but you can experiment and really let your imagination fly free with the combinations of colors and flavors. Spread a thin film of your favorite jam in between the dough layers for a jam filled pinwheels. Add festive food colorings, make the dough tropical flavors like coconut, pineapple or citrus. The sky is the limit, really.