I love cooking with Sous Vide plastic bags. Marinating meat with vacuum is a great idea, not only because you can make a different marinade for each individual piece of meat.

When marinating with vacuum, the marinade and spices get inside the meat much faster and much deeper, so these Sous Vide pork loin pieces will be flavored all through and ready for cooking in no time.

It’s extremely comfortable for those with busy lifestyles. You toss your pork and marinade in a bag in the morning and put them in a slow cooker or a water bath and soon you have a pork which you only have to sear on a frying pan. It’s already tender and juicy. 

If you want a golden crust – give it a few turns on a hot pan, but it’s actually already awesome tasting and so tender, it shreds all by itself. 

Serve this wonderful pork with a side dish of your choice. If I’m opting for a leaner version, that is, sans searing, I usually have it with steamed veggies or a green salad. But if you’re looking for comfort food, trying those with mashed potatoes and gravy and glazed baby carrots. The result is simply mouth-watering.

Follow the easy steps below to cook this wonderful Sous Vide pork tenderloin. I hope you enjoy this recipe!