Pork belly is absolutely perfect for stewing and braising. It absorb herb and spice flavors well and releases so much meat flavor and grease, making the braise sauce intensely flavorful.

This braised pork, cooked slow in soy sauce with tofu and hard-boiled eggs is a great traditional Asian dish where everything is focused on simple flavors. It’s also full of protein and good nutrients.

The mixture of several kinds of soy sauces makes this dish very intense, and the pork belly releases savory fats, that’s why this dish is perfect when served over steamed white rice. My husband even calls it rice killer.

Traditionally it was cooked in clay pots, but since my kitchen is nowhere near so fancy, I usually use a regular saucepan when I feel like having a braise simmer for an hour or so on my stove.

Another option is to cook it in a slow cooker or in Instant pot. I tried both and I find that Instant pot creates a better results flavor-wise. It’s also simply faster, so I revert to this option when I don’t have all that much time on my hands.

The eggs are very much optional, but I do love a piece of hard boiled egg in my Asian styled stews and soups. I also strongly recommend picking a boneless piece of pork belly, since you’ll be chopping it up into small pieces.

I hope you find this recipe worth a try and enjoy the result as much as I do!