Do you know how to make pork floss? Meat floss is still quite peculiar for me, although I’ve seen it around quite a bit. This dish is popular in Asia, specifically, in China. It’s a good snack and finger food and  goes very well with a variety of sandwiches. Pork floss recipe is unique and unusual.

I personally love making meat floss for kid parties. Kids and meat aren’t often on friendly terms, so, making mead dishes more kid-friendly is one of my goals around the kitchen. 

This meat floss is delicious and it’s great as grab and go finger food. The cooking process is pretty simple and the result is full of flavor, rich and tender. My daughter says it looks a bit like cotton candy, only it’s meat. Needless to say, this is one of the few meat dishes she’s always eager to have seconds for.

Here I’m listing the original meat floss spices that I have, but I actually am not a big fan of anise, so, to introduce my own little twist to it, I often substitute anise with a couple rosemary sprigs. 

I usually use my Instant pot to tenderize the meat, but it can be also done in a regular saucepan, it will just take a bit longer. After I shred the meat, I just toss it in a pan, stir frying till it’s all fluffed up.

Like I said, it makes for excellent finger food. I also served it a couple of times for game nights and must confess that it’s quite excellent with lager and fries.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Just follow the simple instructions below.

Remember that person who loves pork floss uses toothstick! (I’m joking)