My husband loves hot and spicy dishes, a hobby I don’t really share with him, as I’m more a fan of flavor than of spice and hotness, so this is my way of paying homage to his tastes. 

This hunan pork belly, sliced thin and stir fried with red and green chili peppers is a dish that will absolutely please every lover of hot and spicy food. The chilies are extra fine, combined with fatty pork. The pork grease softens their heat a bit and they become pleasantly savory. 

The method to cooking this dish is as simple as any stir fry. You chop your ingredients, mix it with herbs and soy sauce and stir fry everything on high heat in a wok pan. Any large frying pan will also do fine. Letting them rest in cold salted water for 15 minutes before cooking also has the same effect if only lighter. 

If you want to slightly reduce the hotness level, you can substitute half of chili peppers with regular bell peppers. Removing seeds from the inside of chili peppers will also douse the heat, but the process itself can be a little tiring. 

Another tip to cooking this dish. if you want to make your pork slices crunchy, fry them several at a time so that they don’t release too much moisture. 

Served over steamed rice, this is quite delicious. I hope you have fun with this recipe!