I love recreating various famous recipes at home. This shake and bake pork chops recipe is something the lot of you who were born in the 80s probably remember very well.

This was one boxed dinner everybody made very often at one time. So, to me, shake and bake pork chops is a taste of childhood. I don’t really see the boxed variety where I live now, but sometimes I get really nostalgic for those days and this is when I cook these Shake and Bake pork chops. 

When I was a little kid, I always thought that boxed dinners are sold this way because it’s too hard for people to make something similar at home. How sweetly wrong I was. This recipe is ridiculously simple. And, it is also not expensive at all.

It’s also very quick to do, because you simply take everything and shake it all together in a plastic bag, as easy as that. If, for some reason, your breading doesn’t stay on the chops, after you shake it, you can add extra crumbs after you place your pork chops on a baking pan.

If you like lighter variant of breading, just follow the instructions below to the letter. But, if you are a fan of thicker bread crust, there are two ways to achieve it. First, dip your chops in mayonnaise before breading. If you’re not a fan of mayonnaise, substitute it with a beaten egg. Shake everything well and leave some dry breading aside for an extra coat after you’re done with all the shaking.

I hope you enjoy this lovely recipe as I do!