Provencal sauce hails from Provence area in France. This recipe is simply delicious. Your loved ones will feel like they are having diner in the beautiful southern France once they try this aromatic and flavorful sauce.

It is a tomato based sauce with an addition of fragrant herbs, white wine, garlic, onions and savory olives and capers. All the favorite Mediterranean flavors that everyone loves. There are as many variations of the sauce as there are French people and you can absolutely adjust the ingredients to whatever suits your personal palette better. The sauce is perfect for virtually anything: serve it with grilled fish and poultry, or ladle a spoon or two over succulent meat, like lamb or beef.

To create this phenomenal sauce is very easy. There is the importance of using really fresh ingredients for the best taste. You can make the sauce out of canned tomatoes but I highly recommend using fresh, and make the sauce from scratch. It gives the sauce an unbeatable freshness and extra flavor.

To make the sauce is a breeze. With a few simple steps and a handful of ingredients you will have the sauce in your pot they will wow even the pickiest of the food gourmets. The sauce is elegant with a rich, deep tomato flavor and a perfect balance of savory and acidic.