This recipe is always a huge hit around here and for a reason, flavorful, juicy chicken thighs are baked to a crispy perfection in the oven and served with homemade, rich and indulgent mushroom cream sauce.

I love cooking with chicken thighs. They have triple the amount of fat then chicken breast, meaning triple the amount of flavor. It is almost impossible to overcook them and I actually find they are better the longer you cook them especially in the oven. The skin renders all the fat out becoming mouthwateringly crispy and the meat is still juicy, fall of the bone tender.

For this dish I am using bone in skin on, flavorful chicken thighs. I sear them first until golden brown and then bake in the oven until done. This way chicken is moist with skin being caramelized and crispy, serving like an insulator keeping the meat juicy.

The cream sauce is stellar and made from scratch without using any of the canned stuff. The flavors are built using aromatics like garlic and mushrooms. Earthy, woodsy mushrooms really add a ton of taste to the sauce. So are the fragrant herbs. We are using thyme, basil and crushed red pepper flakes to create this creamy masterpiece. The sauce is absolutely heavenly, I want to bathe in it if I could. The hardest part is not to eat it all while test tasting.

Serve this cream of mushroom chicken over your favorite pasta to soak in all the yummy sauce. Or with a side of veggie or potato. Follow simple steps below for the recipe.