Chicken paillard might sound really fancy but in reality it is a boneless cut of meat that’s been pounded to tenderize until flat, then cooked rapidly. It is usually a tender cut of veal or chicken that had been flattened, then grilled, or sautéed and served with a sauce.

This is a recipe for a chicken paillard in a sherry caper sauce, very similar to it’s Italian cousin, piccata sauce. This delicious French cuisine inspired dish is delicious but very easy to make. It comes together in a short 20 minutes, but look so pretty and appetizing, emitting the most tainting smell, it seems like you have spent hours creating this irresistible and elegant dish.

We start with preparing the chicken paillard. Cut chicken breasts in half horizontally into two thin slices and place on a cutting board and cover with plastic wrap. Pound with a meat mallet, rolling pin or a large heavy skillet until no thicker than 1/2 inch all the way across. Making the cutlets even will ensure the same cooking time. Chicken is then quickly browned in the pan and then later returned to finish cooking in the sauce.

The sauce is a heavenly combination of subtle shallots and aromatic garlic, slightly sautéed in butter with a splash of sherry wine, blood orange juice, butter and capers.

The result is appetizing, buttery, savory sauce that you want to bathe in and pour over everything. It is fragrant and full of bold flavors. Perfect compliment to a delicate chicken breast. Follow simple steps below to create this French culinary delight.