Ranch sauce is a staple fridge condiment in possibly every fridge in the US. I use ranch for everything from pasta salads, to vegetable dipping to green salads and French fries and chicken fingers dipping. This recipe for the homemade ranch dipping sauce is really tongue grabbing. Free of any preservatives and additives it is super fresh tasting and healthy. You cannot even compare this delicious made from scratch dipping sauce with a store bought version.

The ranch powder is combined with sour cream to make the dipping sauce. This ranch powder is homemade which means free of msg or other hard to pronounce ingredients that we didn’t even know existed. The fresh herbs, that is what really gives ranch its distinctive taste. So the powder creating is pretty simple with basics like parsley, onion, garlic, chives, dill.

The main and most important ingredient is powdered buttermilk. It is sold in a tin near the other powdered milk products and should be available at most grocery stores.

This dip is always a huge hit with the kids and a delicious way to make them eat more vegetables. It is also a great entertainment dip. Can be served with an array of fresh colorful vegetables, potato chips, bread stick or really with anything your heart desires, and suitable for any occasion from fancy parties to backyard barbecues.