Broiling is probably the best way of cooking thick pork chops. If your oven has this option, try it at least once and you’ll be making it ever since.

Broiling pork chops on a griddle in high heat allows the excess fat and liquid to pool below and not cool the cooking surface. That’s why the meat will be deliciously crispy and caramelized on the outside and very juicy and tender on the inside.

It’s similar to cooking outside on a grill only you won’t have to fuss with firing the grill and all that entails. And well, if you don’t have an outside grill, this is a great alternative. 

I always use thick, bone-in pork chops for this recipe, not only because of how they turn out taste wise, but also because it gives them such a rustic, slightly brutal appearance I sometimes highly appreciate in my food.

The method is pretty simple and made even more simple if you have a meat thermometer to check for readiness. The inside temperature for pork chops should be at least 145F.

This dish is great with a variety of garnishes. Roasted or baked potatoes and other veggies, such as peppers, carrots, broccoli and zucchinis, tossed garden salads, steamed rice, anything is good.

And the little highlight of this recipe, the homemade spice mix which my grandma used to call Creole.  It adds quite a bit of flavor!

Follow the simple instructions below to create this lovely dinner and I hope you enjoy it!