Sometimes nothing is better than a family recipe you’ve grown up with to make you feel at home, safe and loved. This traditional pork chops and rice recipe is one of such dishes to me.

The list of ingredients is so simple, everything is probably already in your pantry, just grab those pork chops you saw on sale and a bit of celery on your way home. 

The trick to this otherwise simple recipe is the way you cook rice. No boiling or steaming, but you start cooking it by stir-frying the dried rice in a pan with butter and veggies.

Cooked this way, the rice absorbs a lot of flavor and then, when you  later bake it in broth together with the seared pork chops, it absorbs even more flavor from the meat.

The result is mouthwatering. The pork chops turn out crispy on the outside from the searing and the baking, and tender and juicy from the broth. The celery flavor adds a great note to the whole ensemble.

I actually remember very well, that when I was a kid, I enjoyed the rice even more than I did the pork chops. So, if your kid doesn’t like rice, this is a great way to re-introduce it.  

I really hope you enjoy this recipe. Just follow the simple instructions below to create a lovely dinner with a great feeling and flavor of home.