One thing about Chinese cuisine is once you start cooking it, you first start with recreating simpler takeout recipes for the sake of saving money and lowering the calorie count, but almost inevitably end up looking up the real traditional, non-Americanized recipes.

And when you’re at this stage, you find that cooking according the actual book, so to say, is not quite easy. This absolutely traditional Moo Shu pork is as delicious as it can get, but cooking it can be a bit of a challenge, as well as getting ingredients for it. 

The ingredients that this recipe calls for are very common in mainland China, but can be hard to come by where you are.

If you don’t have access to Asian market or can’t order dehydrated lily flowers and wood mushrooms online, and you’re not opposed to tweaking the recipe a bit, then using shiitake mushrooms and carrots or any sprouts instead can be a solution.

Another thing is that this has to be done in wok, set on very, very high. If you try making this in a regular frying pan, it will still be good, but just not the same. The key trick to frying in wok is this. You have to do it very quick. So, it’s best to layout your prepped ingredients for the stir fry in little dishes right next to your stove so that you can throw everything in real fast.

While this recipe may pose a bit of a challenge to beginners, the result is actually so delicious, it’s worth the effort. Follow the instructions below and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!