This is the copycat recipe for the subway style macadamia nut and white chocolate chip cookies. They are the perfect mix of crunchy, soft and chewy. Firm enough to stay together and delicate enough to have the most amazing melt in your mouth texture you get with every bite.

Everyone loves subway cookies because of their taste and flavors and this subway chocolate chip cookie recipe is right on point. The bonus is you know exactly what goes into your cookies and can make them organic and without any additives or preservatives. I love trying food at different restaurants and then trying to recreate the recipes at home. This one is a keeper. The cookies are delicious and even better than the subway! And I’m gonna tell you how to make the best subway cookies ever.

The ingredients of this subway cookie are pretty simple. Macadamia nuts are creamy, slightly sweet, nutty with salty aftertaste. Almost coconut like creaminess, and cashew like sweetness they are rich in flavor and taste, soft and delicious. And heavenly when added to buttery cookies and paired with decadent white chocolate.

These cookies will become an instant hit and will impress even the biggest cookie snobs. The complementing flavors work together in a perfect harmony. To make the cookies is as easy as one two three. Cream together butter and sugar, add flour and eggs and vanilla extract and fold in nuts and chocolate chips. Bake and enjoy.