Mounds hands down are my favorite chocolate candies together with almond joy. Every halloween I instruct my kids to fish for them in the big buckets of candies that people put outside in our neighborhood for the trick or treaters and bring them home to mama. This decadent mounds cake is basically my dream come true.

Inspired by the infamous chocolate bar and combining timeless combinations of dark chocolate and coconut. The sweetness of coconut complements the slightly bitter flavor of dark chocolate in the most perfect way imaginable. There are 2 chocolate layers and 2 coconut layers.

 Luxurious layers of rich, dark chocolate cake, coconut filling similar to that of mounds bar, fluffy buttercream also infused with coconut, and silky smooth layer of dark chocolate ganache, this cake is to die for.

This recipe is a labour of love since there are quite a few layers involved, but every minute and second spent making this amazing cake is so worth it. You need to bake the cake layer, make the copycat mounds filling, prepare the phenomenally creamy coconut butter frosting and least but not last luscious and rich chocolate ganache.

After all the layers are prepped just assemble the cake according to the instructions and greatly enjoy. With just a few steps you are going to have most delicious, scrumptious made from scratch cake on your plate that is a chocolate/coconut lovers dream.