This is the recipe for the most moist and delicious red velvet pound cake with heavenly cream cheese frosting. The texture of the cake is so soft, almost pillow like and the cake melts in your mouth with every single bite that you take. Pound cake is an amazing accompaniment for a fresh cup of coffee or tea and make for a perfect dessert or even a breakfast pastry.

This red velvet flavor is one of my favorites. I try to make it every chance I get. It is suitable for many occasions but especially fitting for the Forth of July celebration.

Also makes a phenomenal romantic valentines day dessert to surprise your loved ones. This decadent cake looks so pretty and appetizing on the plate, it is almost impossible to keep your hands of it. Always a huge hit and tastes as good as it looks. It is truly a very beautiful cake.

And super easy to make as well. The pairing of a fluffy, airy cake and creamy, rich cheese frosting is the match made in heaven. And with juts a handful of simple ingredients and under an hour you can have scrumptious cake made from scratch in the comfort of your own home.

The cake is always a huge hit and the recipe is no fail, dessert comes out perfect every single time. I hope you like this tasty recipe as much as I do.