Wholesome greek inspired couscous salad is tasty, refreshing and a perfect summer or spring recipe. All the flavors of a tradition greek salad with an addition of pearl couscous and pine nuts. The salad is simply gorgeous with a rainbow of bright colors from all the vegetables and looks so appetizing on the plate it is almost impossible to keep your hands of it. This salad is so delicious it will please even the most pickiest eaters. All the amazing Mediterranean flavors that everyone loves.

With wholesome ingredients like cucumbers, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, red onions, oregano, feta cheese and couscous the salad is extra nutritious and satisfying. And all the ingredients work harmoniously together. Tomato and cucumbers bringing an unbeatable freshness, with olives and feta cheese adding a needed salt. Delicately tasting couscous carries out the dominant flavors of other ingredients beautifully.

And I really love an unexpected addition of pine nuts to the salad. Pine nuts are very high in oil, giving them an almost buttery texture and flavor. You might even detect a slightly resinous pine-like flavor. It really offsets the saltiness of the other ingredient balancing the salad out.

The salad is perfect as a healthy vegetarian fare on a hot summer or spring day. And is super easy to make as an added bonus. Homemade vinaigrette really boosts the taste of the salad, it is a stunner and very easy to put together.