This paradise inspired pineapple pound cake is perfect for a hot summer day, when you just wanna chill outside, drinking refreshing drinks in a warm breeze. You need something sweet to come along and this tropical cake is a perfect pairing.

It is everything you’d wish for: moist, soft, fresh, filled to the brim with pineapple and delicious, tangy, sweet-n-sour taste. If you are already familiar with regular pound cakes, this is another one of them, but with a delectable tropical twist. Pound cakes are moist and extremely soft. They literally melt in your mouth.

To achieve such a texture, we use a specific mix of ingredients – buttermilk for softness, lots of eggs, more than for other types of dough, that need to be whisked before added to the cake. And, of course, after you add the glaze to the cake, it prevents it from drying to fast, and it will keep moist and fresh.

Buttermilk is a secret ingredient. It is amazing what it does to desserts, cakes in particular. It contains a lot of milk acid, hence the taste, but when you bake a cake, the acid reacts with baking powder, emitting carbon oxide, which is the gas we all exhale. The bubbles of this gas make the batter much fluffier and it rises extremely well. Matching pineapple icing and on top gives it a wonderful look a the most tantalizing aroma.

It’s best if you use room temperature ingredients to make this cake, so that your flour doesn’t clot and your dough is smooth and elastic and the cake will turn out fluffy and airy, just like a perfect pound cake should be. Bake it in tube pan for the most eye pleasing presentation.