I will never get tired of recreating Chinese staple foods, especially the takeout classics, at home. I’m a sucker for Chinese cuisine and my local Chinese takeout joints used to make fortunes on me alone.

That was before I started enjoying recreating takeout recipes in my kitchen. This pork lo main is one of those recipes. It’s simple, quick and delicious, and it packs a lot less calories than a takeout version.

I usually take pork belly for this recipe. Chopped into thin strips, it’s great for stir frying. It becomes crispy on the outside and deliciously soft to chew. Pork tenderloin is also great for this recipe.

I use a mix of light and dark soy sauces, but you can only use light if you wish. Vegetable and herb-wise, I go with scallions, bell peppers, garlic and ginger for stir frying and fresh cucumber for serving. When I feel fanciful, I might add bean sprouts or bamboo sprouts to the stir fry. 

I boil noodles al dente for this, but my husband likes his softer, so it’s completely up to you. Just cook the noodles to your preferred state. 

Below are the detailed instructions on how to cook this Chinese staple, and I hope you enjoy the results as much as I do!