Unique and extra flavorful buffalo chicken pasta salad fits right in with all the summer barbecue side dishes. Cooked to perfection pasta is tossed with ranch and buffalo sauces, crunchy vegetables, pungent blue cheese, sharp cheddar cheese and chopped rotisserie chicken, then cooled down in the fridge letting all the flavors meld together.

I am obsessed with buffalo sauce. I love chicken wings and buffalo chicken wraps, dips, basically all thing buffalo sauce, so the idea to turn it into a pasta salad is brilliant.

It is zesty and slightly spicy with just a mild heat wave that is simply delicious. So easy to prepare pasta salad makes a great complimenting side dish for the potlucks or party. You can also enjoy it as a main dish since it is packed with protein rich chicken.

And a great make ahead dish. Letting it sit in the fridge and marinate all the flavors together makes it very flavorful. Pasta soaks in all the juices from the sauces and veggies. So easy to assemble, simply boil the pasta, chop green onions, celery and chicken and combine all of the ingredient together with sauces in a bowl.

Celery brings in un unexpected crunch for a wonderful textural contrast. If you are not a fan of blue cheese you can omit it but I like the saltiness combined with delicate tasting pasta and chicken. It really compliments the peppery buffalo sauce as well. This pasta salad is always a huge hit and might become you new favorite side dish.