Super delicious strawberry cake mix cookies that are filled to the brim with the chocolate chips of your choice. With only five basic ingredients and five minute prep these cookies are a perfect solution when you get an urgent cookie craving. Sometimes you just feel like you are not going to make unless you have a cookies and then this recipe comes to the rescue.

The cookies are a perfect combination of strawberry and chocolate flavors, kinda like a chocolate dipped strawberries but in a form of a cookie. They make amazing Valentines day treat. They are pretty pink with swirls of delicious melty chocolate.

Crispy on the outside and around the edges, super chewy on the inside the cookies have a wonderful texture as well as the taste. Timeless combination of strawberry and chocolate never disappoints. Strawberry flavor is intensifies with strawberry jello mix as well as the cake mix.

Any type of chocolate chips work in this cookie. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate all are delicious options, whatever suits your personal palette. I have made these cookies with all of the above and white chocolate is really my favorite. Dark chocolate can be slightly overpowering for a delicate strawberry taste of the cookies. But like I said it all depends on the personal preferences.

The cookies are a breeze to make with this foolproof recipe and the result is always a success. Cookies come out beautiful and tasty every single time and are always a huge hit.