This super simple Imitation Krab salad is a combination of all the basic: imitation crab, fresh aromatic dill, celery, red onion, lemon juice, old bay seasoning and mayonnaise. It is a wonderful option for an easy weekday meal and can be enjoyed in sandwiches, over a bed of fresh lettuce or with crackers. It is a great idea for a light lunch or a quick appetizer when you have unexpected company.

It is very tasty and refreshing. Imitation krab meat is usually made with mild white fish, like Alaskan pollock and other ingredients and pressed together to look like real crab meat. It is very inexpensive, delicately flavored seafood that is available year round and sold at all the grocery stores.

You can absolutely substitute for real crab meat. It is however going to be way more expensive. I think it is a great idea for a special occasions when you don’t mind to splurge on a real thing. Serve it in a clear martini glasses for a heavenly seafood delight! And if you are feeling super fancy you can even use chopped cooked lobster meat for a 5-star restaurant offering.

It only takes under 10 minutes and 5 ingredients to make. Krab meat is a great nutritious seafood protein that is light but filling. Celery adds a delicious crunch to the salad while red onion gives a little spice. Dill brings in the unbeatable freshness. I also love adding a little bit of lemon juice for an extra kick. And all of the ingredients together create a perfect balance of flavors.