An excellent way to utilize overripe bananas, this banana bundt cake is amazing. I usually frost it with either chocolate glaze or brown sugar glaze, it tastes amazing either way.

I’ve probably mentioned a dozen times before that I’m in love with single flavor simple cakes. This banana bundt cake is one of those. It’s moist, it’s deliciously banana flavored, and I think it’s one of the best cakes to have with coffee

I always bake this cake from scratch, just because. It really is that simple. One important tip is that you really have to make sure your bananas are ripe. Ripe bananas have plenty of black dots on the peel and the peel itself will be much thinner, while the bananas will be very soft.

Some people I know process bananas in an electric mixer, but I personally prefer mashing them with a fork, leaving in some of the tiny banana clumps. I think it makes the cake more delicious and interesting texture wise. Of course, you can process them how you like them. If you enjoy smooth homogenous texture, mixer is your way.

The brown sugar glaze is a regular butter glaze. A good alternative is a chocolate glaze, made of cream and melted chocolate. Either way tastes delicious. Now, just follow the simple instructions below and enjoy this cake!