I think I’ve already written a couple of times about how much I love single flavor simple cakes. Well, it’s worth repeating, I absolutely love them. They are almost always quite easy to make, they bring out the texture and the flavor, they don’t overload my taste buds and they are delicious.

This Lemon Drizzle cake brings out the best in citrus flavor and freshness. It has a simple sheet cake base with enough zest to give a unique chewiness to the texture as well as drench it in fresh lemon taste.

The frosting, made of freshly squeezed lemon juice and powdered sugar, drizzled over the cake, creates a delicious sweet and sour crust that is crunchy and simply divine.

I recommend making this cake from scratch. It’s simple enough because you don’t have a lengthy assembly process. Besides, baking it from scratch will make this cake taste truly unique, and it’s the actually cake matter that counts in this recipe.

This cake makes a perfect coffee time snack or breakfast. It’s easy to store and carry with you, so you can easily bring it to out of home events at work or at school. I hope you have as much fun with this cake as I did and enjoy it’s awesome lemony taste.