Watergate cake used to be my grandma’s favorite. For some reason, however, she very seldom made it for us kids, thinking we’re more into something with chocolate in it. But she use to make it for her friends, when they played bridge together or had tea.

To me, watergate cake is something from church cookouts from the days of my childhood. Something we kids skipped in favor of other desserts, and yet, when I actually tried it, it turned out to be delicious.

It’s packed with pistachio and coconut flavor, it’s moist and fluffy and filled with smooth, creamy frosting. For those who have a craving for a dessert from ye good old days, this is the perfect cake.

My Gran was a big fan of kitchen shortcuts, so she’d always bake it with a box cake mix and instant pudding. So do I these days. It still tasted delicious. I also always, always add just a little bit more nuts than the recipe calls, because it’s one ingredient I can always handle more of.

This is always a good option for occasions with nostalgic vibes, like large family gatherings with several generations present. I’m pretty sure my Gran would love the fact that I’m baking this cake now. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.