Do you like mushrooms like I do? How about finger food mushrooms? This wonderful recipe of deep-fried whole mushrooms is as delicious as it gets. Served with a tartar sauce or blue cheese dressing, it’s the party food that I usually run out of first when I have them.

Deep fried in Panko – japanese bread crumbs, these mushrooms have such a delicious golden crust and are so tender inside, you might not be able to stop eating them until you eat them all.

If you have a special dish for deep frying, you will probably want to use that. But if you don’t, a deep pot will do. One of the things to make sure of when you’re deep frying is that you have enough oil. The mushrooms have to ‘swim’ in the oil. If they don’t, they may not fry evenly on all sides.

If you’re a fan of deep fried crusts like me, here’s a tip for you to make it thicker: double dip. Dip the mushroom in the batter, roll it in Panko, then dip in the batter again and roll it in Panko one more time. Just make sure you give it another minute to fry if you do.

After you’re done frying, place the mushrooms on a paper towel, allowing it to absorb excess oil. You can serve them with a dressing or relish of your choice, but my personal favorite is blue cheese dressing.

I hope you enjoy this recipe!