Do you have a little bank account where you dump five or ten bucks here and there which is absolutely untouchable, until that day comes when you absolutely have to use it up? A batch of Beef Burritos in my freezer is like this bank account for me.

These delicious beef burritos, made with a homemade Mexican spice mix, black beans, veggies and ground beef, are a perfect way to have a quick lunch. Store them up frozen and whenever you absolutely have to, get them out and defrost in a microwave or an oven.

Cooking these puppies is pretty simple. If you mean to eat them right away, it doesn’t really matter what kind of veggies you put inside. I usually go for celery, tomatoes, carrots, cilantro, corn kernels cukes, zucchini or whatever I find in my garden and in the fridge.

But bear in mind, that some vegetables don’t really refrigerate well, for instance, cukes, avocado and tomatoes, so you might want to skip them when making burritos for further freezing and keeping, or go very light on them. When they defrost, they produce too much excess water and simply taste bland.

I usually keep them wrapped in air tight wraps or foil and warm them up in foil.

Served with any traditional Mexican dip or dips, like sour cream, plain yogurt or guacamole, these burritos are divine, both freshly cooked or defrosted.
Try them as a quick lunch option and I’m sure you’ll be having a stash in your freezer at all times just like I do.