This Moo Shu beef is a traditional Chinese takeout dish made with less fat and calories, and, since I love Chinese food to the Moon and back, it’s one of my faves as well.

Completely ready in less than half an hour, tis Moo Shu beef is one of the best midweek dinner options for me. After a long day, there’s nothing as good as enjoying a healthy, nutrient-packed dish with crispy meat and veggies, with your favorite flavors and cooked in 25 minutes.

There are plenty of veggies that can go in this Moo Shu, so you are bound to have something in the fridge, if you simply come home grabbing a piece of meat on the way. The veggies that work best for me are cabbage and carrot mix. When stir fried, they provide a lovely crunch which I enjoy.
Other options are basically any sort of cabbage – broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts. Other things that taste excellent when combined with beef and hoisin sauce are onions, red and green bell peppers and all sorts of sprouts – bean, bamboo. I also often add green onions, celery scallions or chopped up leaks.

As for the meat cut, since this dish is cooked very quickly, for beef to be tender and a little crispy, I always use sirloin steak, shaved very thin. Other cuts of beef usually take longer to become tender and if you quickly fry them, they may be too chewy.

I hope you have fun with this awesome and healthy recipe and if you know of any other Chinese takeout recipes, made healthier at home, I’d be much obliged if you share!