Another great stir fry recipe for a healthier than your local takeout joint beef stir fry version. This Beef and Broccoli is quick to cook, it’s lower on fat than takeout and it tastes delicious.

I love stir frying meat and veggies, because when cooked this way they release so much flavor and all the flavors blend in so nicely, that the result is always mouth watering. In this Beef and Broccoli, the combination of soy sauce and honey also gives the beef a little caramelised taste, which is simply great.

The original recipe calls for salt, and when I first cooked it according to the recipe, I thought there was just a bit too much salt, as there’s plenty of sodium in soy sauce. So I tweaked it a little. I actually don’t put any salt into it, if I use regular soy sauce, and I don’t even put that much salt in it if I use low sodium soy sauce.

Another tip for you, if you aren’t afraid of adding extra carbs, is adding cornstarch to the sauce to thicken it a little.

Adding bell peppers, onions and bean sprouts may also be a great option if you’re looking for a bit more veggies in your stir fry.

Just follow the simple instructions below to whip up a cool dinner dish ready in under half an hour!