This traditional Southern recipe can be met at many family style diners down South and now you can easily cook it at home.

Meant to save money, this recipe is great with cheaper cuts of beef. Anything you can find on sale will work just fine. The meat here is cooked to tender perfection with delicious gravy and can be served over mash, rice or even pasta.

If you want a little more flavor to the recipe, you can add half a cup of red wine instead of broth and water, but do let it simmer well. Another addition I make sometimes is bay leaves and a sprig of rosemary, although this is not mentioned in a traditional recipe.

When it comes to meat, I’m being honest with you, almost any meat cut cooked this way will be nice and tender. I usually use round steak or flank steak. Frozen meat will also work just fine with this way of cooking.

Now, as for the rice, the method used in this recipe requires a lot of watching and checking. So, when I don’t really have time or energy for this, I simply boil the rice like I do with noodles, trying it whether it’s ready or not and then just draining the excess water.

Served together, the beef tips, gravy and rice are rich, full of flavors and delicious. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!