Seared brown and crispy on the outside in olive oil and then braised in red wine, this Braised Beef is simply marvellous.

Cooked in a slow cooker or in a pressure cooker as a fast option, this Braised Beef can be a great midweek dinner as well as a main course for a holiday meal, on Christmas Eve, for instance.

I usually pick flank steak or chuck pot roast as meat cut of choice for this recipe. They aren’t too steeply priced and you can usually get them on sale quite often, so it’s also a budget-saving type of beef meal. 

You can check if your meat is fresh by poking it lightly. The indentation should disappear right away and the meat should ‘jump’ slowly back if it’s fresh. 

Herbwise, I usually use garlic, paprika, cumin to spice the meat and the gravy, but you can pick whatever spices you like on your meat to use in this recipe. The method is pretty simple, the only tricky thing is to quickly churn the chunks of meat in olive oil without overdoing them.

The trick here is not to try and fry too much meat at once. It will release a lot of juice and you risk stewing your meat instead of frying it crispy brown and still raw inside. Doing just several chunks at a time should work fine.

Other than that, simply follow the instructions below to cook a delicious meal for your nears and dears.