Do you know what is szechuan beef? Recreated Chinese takeout recipes are my comfort food, I’ve probably told about my love of them a thousand times over, but I’ll do so again with this Szechuan Beef recipe. Here is the szechuan beef description.

You can cook this Szechuan beef in a wok or in a regular pan over a stove, whatever kitchen equipment is more suitable for you. It unfailingly yields great results, but with less fat and oil and with the same addictive flavor. So what’s in szechuan beef?

Stir fry is pretty universal when it comes to choosing a proper cut of meat. There’s a saying that to make beef tender, one has to either cook it longe over a low heat or fast over high heat. Stir frying is the latter variant.

Chuck roast or flank steak is what I usually pick to make my beef stir fries. Those pieces are lean enough and when cut into strips and fried, they aren’t chewy, but crispy and juicy.

Additionally marinating the beef with any sour liquid, like vinegar, dry wine or lemon juice, makes it much softer. Also, when you’re frying crispy szechuan beef, don’t put too many pieces on the skillet at once, or they’ll release too much juice and you won’t get your coveted crispy crust.

I hope these tips will help with the meat, and now, if you follow the simple instructions below, you’ll have a fantastic Chinese cuisine dinner without spending too much money on takeout. Have fun!